Pre-Order Return of the Despoiler

Returning once again from the depths of the Warp come the Imperium’s greatest foe. The Warmaster of the Black Legion and bearer of the Horus’s heritage, Abaddon the Despoiler comes to sow destruction in the Materium once more! And he’s not alone. With him comes the brand-new Chaos Space Marines kit, which features the classic servants of the Dark Gods in a bold new light. Complete with a stunning array of weapons, armor styles, and more, these dark warriors are ready to destroy the soldiers of the False Emperor.

But that’s not all Chaos has to bring to the fight. They have a terrifying new structure to deploy on the battlefield; the Nocitlith Crown! This sinister structure is made from Blackstone; warp-charged material that has devastating results on nearby psykers. Not only does it give the Dark Sorcerers more strength in their spells, but it also gives their daemonic allies an easier gateway into Realspace. Alongside this new structure is the fully updated Codex: Chaos Space Marines. This hardback book contains all datasheets for all the new models from Shadowspear, Abaddon himself, as well as updated rules for every legion!

A lot to take in? Well take heart servants of the Dark Gods, everything here will be available to pre-order this weekend! ready yourselves minions of Chaos! The Despoiler is coming!

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