The Topaz Champion - L5R

Come and join us and play L5R (Legions of the Five Rings)! Build a unique character to play in the league that will represent yourself! Those who play all the way through will receive very unique prizes that you can only get if you play in the league! 

We are doing practice play until June 21st for players to learn the new mechanics before the league starts! The league will start on June 22 and run through July 13.  

In the L5R Story League the goal is to be a friendly, casual introduction to the game for new and current players.

Success will be obtained by learning and mastering all aspects of gameplay. You (one of the famous samurai of Rokugan) will answer the Emperor’s call and bring the most HONOR to your clan and claim the title of Topaz Champion!!

The league will only last four weeks, from June 22 to July 13.

Each player will choose a unique character (dynasty card) to represent themselves. At least one copy of this character must be included in each deck used during the league.! Each week, the emperor will issue a quest for each samurai in the league. These will include: !

*The Strength of Steel: break at least two provinces with military victories in a game!

*A War of Words: break at least two provinces with political victories in a game!

*Honor Your Ancestors: have at least five more honor than your starting value in a game!

*Walk the Path of Enlightenment: claim each ring token at least once in a game!

After four weeks, the winner will be the player with the highest HONOR!

How to earn HONOR:

*Travel the Land: Each clan (other than your own) that you play is worth 1 HONOR at the end of the league (maximum 6)

*Bless Your Host: Gain 1 HONOR each week that you play at least one league game in Go 4 Games shop (maximum 4)

*Show Your Skill: Gain 3 HONOR each week that you achieve the emperor’s weekly quest (maximum 12)

*Honor Your Peers: At the end of each week, all players will choose their favorite opponent (who was the best game against? Best can be fun, challenging, unique, whatever). That chosen opponent will be awarded one HONOR. If that opponent won the game, they will get one bonus HONOR. (No maximum)

We will be using the Rulebook Version 2.0 (Feb 25, 2019). This can be downloaded from the FFG site for free. (! Deck construction will use the official Restricted list. Players may choose any clan role they wish and are not bound by the current roles found on the FFG website. If you are unsure how to build a deck, FFG has suggested starter builds that can be made from a starter set. ( >Tournament Resources>Suggested Starting Deck Lists.!


Every game played in the store will earn BOTH PLAYERS a full art promo card

The player with the most HONOR every week will receive a token set, ties must be played out between players in a “DUEL”

The player with the MOST HONOR will receive a limited edition playmat

The player with the MOST HONOR OF THEIR PEERS will receive a limited edition playmat

The player with the MOST HONOR of their chosen clan will receive a wooden clan token

The player who played the most games will receive a limited edition playmat

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