Transformers League

Calling all Soldiers!! It is time for war! Only one side can win. Which team will you chose to be on??!! 

Recruiting office for the War on Cybertron League will opened on Saturday November 16th at 2:00 pm! $35 is the fee to join the war! Upon payment you will receive 5 booster and a deck box! You will then get your team trained and ready for battle! After the battle is done for the day your team must stay here at the shop to rest up for the next battle!

After you battle you will recieve points accordingly! :

  • For every victory you will be awarded with 2 points! Your max wins for the week is 5.
  • If you help your fellow mate reach their 5 wins for the week you will receive 1 additional point.

If you wish to earn more points these are some ways to gain more awards!: 

  • Become an Recruiter, for each recruit that fully joins the battle (signs up and pays the entry fee) you will be awarded with 5 bonus points.
  • Another way to be awarded more points, while you are battling take a snapshot of the wreckage and carnage! Post it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag Go 4 Games you will be awarded with additional 2 points!

Side note: Your deck must stay here during the league, and you may purchase one booster pack per week to upgrade your deck. At the end of the league the cards will then be allowed to leave and be played in other tournaments.

Top prizes for the Soldiers are going to be a sealed box of the new set plus SDDC Promos. Other prizes with be awarded to all other players!