A Missive from the Emperor of Rokugan: Topaz Championship

A missive from the Emperor of Rokugan, delivered by his heralds to all corners of the empire...

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan,

Summer is in full bloom across our beautiful empire and the kami bless us each and every day. Do not think that the tension brewing in and amongst each clan has gone beyond my notice. While some amount of competition is healthy and keeps us at our best, too much can damage the stability and strength of our great clans. Never forget that each of your clans act as an extension of my divine will. Each clan has a role and a specific charter for why our empire needs your service. Do not fall into battle against each other when there may be greater threats looming at our borders.

But a dull blade is a useless blade. So I grant you the opportunity to demonstrate your skill in battle and your prowess in court. You will gain honor for your clan, gain the respect of your peers, and gain notice in my personal court.

I offer you the Topaz Championship. Each of you will put forth your most hopeful samurai to vie for the position of Topaz Champion and a seat in my court. Your samurai will be tested on several fronts. They must demonstrate their ability to command a battlefield; they must manipulate the courts; they must act with utmost honor; and they must seek elemental enlightenment.

All who participate will have the opportunity to receive blessing from me, but only one samurai, who masters all seven tenets of Bushido, will be crowned as the Topaz Champion.

Let this competition commence, on the twenty-second day of the sixth month. The first challenge I put to you is the Strength of Steel. To succeed, you must contemplate the writings of the great military strategist Sun Tao. When facing your opponents for the first week of the competition, you will earn my favor by breaking at least two provinces through military victories.

May you be blessed by the Thousand Fortunes,

Emperor Hantei XXXVIII, Divine Son of Heaven, Hand of the Kami, And Master of all Rokugan

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