A Second Missive from the Emperor of Rokugan: Topaz Championship

A missive from the Emperor of Rokugan, delivered by his heralds to all corners of the empire...

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan,

The summer is in full bloom and the light of Lady Amaterasu shines brightly upon us. My scribes have begun to bring me news of your military victories. From what I hear, many of you are fighting honorably and with the courage of Rokugan’s great heroes.

The code of Bushido defines what it means to fight on the battlefield, but it also sculpts the behavior found in our courts. In Rokugan, the words of a Courtier can be as deadly as the blade of a Bushi. Many wars have begun and ended by the actions of a few brave diplomats and not by the maneuvers of a battlefield tactician.

To be the best, and earn the position of Topaz Champion, you must demonstrate your knowledge of our courtly ways. When facing your opponents for this second week of the competition, you will earn my favor by breaking at least two provinces through political victories.

May you be blessed by the Thousand Fortunes,

Emperor Hantei XXXVIII, Divine Son of Heaven, Hand of the Kami, And Master of all Rokugan

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