A Third Missive from the Emperor of Rokugan: Topaz Championship

A missive from the Emperor of Rokugan, delivered by his heralds to all corners of the empire...

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan,

The past week has seen the night sky fully lit by Lord Onnotangu. I see him smiling upon us from Tengoku and know that he blesses us. My scribes have continued to bring me news of your political victories. From what I hear, many of you have learned the ways of the court and honed your words to a katana’s edge.

The code of Bushido is made of seven esteemed virtues: Jin (Compassion), Yu (Courage), Rei (Courtesy), Chugo (Duty and Loyalty), Gi (Honesty and Justice), Meyo (Honor), and Makoto (Sincerity). Using these tenets as your guideposts in life will lead to great personal glory and bring prominence to your family and your clan. Many samurai claim to understand these concepts, but Honor is the hardest to define. It is an internal strength of character that can be seen by others. It is the divine light that separates us from the peasants and foreigners.

To be the best, and earn the position of Topaz Champion, you must demonstrate your understanding of MEYO (Honor). When facing your opponents for this third week of the competition, you will earn my favor if at any point during the match you have five more honor that your starting honor.

May you be blessed by the Thousand Fortunes,

Emperor Hantei XXXVIII, Divine Son of Heaven, Hand of the Kami, And Master of all Rokugan

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