Dice Masters Returns to Thursday Nights!

The time has come Masterminds…  the battle has begun; your enemies are before you.  Can you carry your team to victory?  Find out in the exciting game of Dice Masters! 

In this fun dice-building game, you assemble your team of super-powered beings to do battle against your opponent!  Whether you wish to assemble the Avengers, call the Justice League, or summon the X-men, you can build your team however you wish!  Heroes and villains battling side-by-side?  Deadpool squaring off against Deathstroke?  Batman fighting Ironman?  Lex Luthor and Professor X having a battle of wits?  It’s all possible through Dice Masters!  We assemble here every Thursday night starting at 7 so grab your gear, call your team and prepare for battle!

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