Oathbreaker League

October 14th - November 11th we will be hosting a new format called Oathbreaker. Oathbreaker will be a $60 budget, legacy singleton format with only 60 cards in the deck. Also players will have a planeswalker as their commander and an instant or sorcery card as a signature spell for your commander. The cost of the Planeswalker is not included in the $60 budget. 


Players will earn points for any games played in the store. 

Wins: 2pts

Loses: 1pt

The player with the highest point total at the end of each league week will receive a Promo Pack

The player with the highest point total of the entire league will be inducted into the Hall of Planeswalkers and will have a Planeswalker card made in their likeness!

The league will last for 4 weeks, twice during the league period there will be a paid one day event: Survivor Oathbreaker

Survivor Oathbreaker

In this format, players will bring THREE different Oathbreaker decks. Players will challenge one another to a single game. When a player loses a match, they will no longer have access to that particular Planeswalker for the remainder of the event.  When a player has lost access to their final Planeswalker, then they are considered out of the event. The last player standing will be declared the winner!

Entry for Survivor Oathbreaker will be $10 Top prize will be a full set of Throne of Eldraine Brawl Decks  

 There is a ban list for this format of Oathbreaker. Here is the link for the list and the rules for Oathbreaker.



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