Summer Series of Warhammer Underworlds Tournaments

Our Summer Series of Warhammer Underworlds tournaments will feature four tournaments from May - August. Three tournaments will be for quarterly kit prizes (Mollog/Godsword, Stormsire/Briar Thorn, Ironskulls/Sepulchral) and the Chaos Gargant has its own prize structure.

The dates are:

5/18 - Newest Kit (Mollog's Mob and Godsworn)
6/15 - Stormsire's and Briar Thorn
7/6 - Chaos Gargant Variant (Rules will be on that event's page)
8/3 - Ironskull's and Sepulchral Guard kit unless a new kit is released before then

Tournaments will have sign ups at 12PM-1PM and will be 3-4 90 minute rounds, based on attendance.

Come out and win some Shadeglass!


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