Guilds of Ravnica Pre-Release

War has returned to the city of guilds once again…

Guilds of Ravnica, the newest set for Magic the Gathering, was available for Pre-release on September 29th and 30th, and on those days, a lot happened here in our local Go 4 Games tavern. 5 of the guilds sent their representatives to do battle on their behalf using a pre-release kit specific to their guild. The tavern staff, in their colorful attire, were happy to assist the patrons; provided they represented the proper guild of course…



The five guilds at war were Selesnya, Boros, Golgari, Dimir, and Izzet. Each guild had their own little flavor in the tavern so that everyone felt at home. And with good food provided by Coquette, the night was set to be one to remember. The battles raged for 4 rounds of intense fighting, with several guild champions vying for the top spot to bring glory back to their guild! In the end, a champion of Izzet rose to claim victory! As the battle came to a close, the patrons enjoyed the spoils of war and discussed amongst themselves new ways in which to represent their guild in the ever-growing war of intrigue taking place in Ravnica!



“Our fearless Shiba Inu made sure all tavern fights didn’t get out of hand”

“The bulletin board was filled with all the latest news from the city”

“The decorations were absolutely amazing”

“Thankfully Boros had a place to store their weapons”

“what window”

“The most precious items were kept behind glass for all to see but not touch”

“These brave souls guarded the food until the guilds took a break from fighting”

“Our lovely judges. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.”

“Everybody meet Trey. Mac was very mean to his favorite football team. We like Trey he’s cool.”

“When nobody is looking things get weird”

“Izzet…tis a silly place”

“Ladies and Gents it is our honor to present to you the King and Queen of Selesnya! His royal highness King Jared and his majesty Queen Rob!”

“Selesnya table yo!”

“The deck building was rather intense”

“Izzet even a guild if they don’t even have a real table?”

“The mood was very relaxed but the tension was always there”

“Here we see the Golgari Guild Leader Mike (in all black) mingling with another Golgari warrior.”

“Of course Boros had to represent. Pac our resident Boros Leader flaunted his guild”

“Don’t let her smile fool you Dimir Guild Leader Jessica is ruthless. She seems to be looking for Boros traitors”

“Have to make sure the decks don’t bring dishonor to the guild.”

“We had a pretty full house. Seating was limited”

“Why not try to recreate your guild’s banner?”

“Alas, the battle started. It was all in good humor though”

“Nobody had an easy game”