Do you want to be the very best? Like no one every was? Well prepare for your real test at Go 4 Games with Pokémon Casual Play and Pokémon League Play! Every Sunday the best trainers around to play the Pokémon TCG here at our humble gym. Are you champion material? 

The Pokémon card game is played between two players. You assemble your deck of Pokémon and battle against your opponent. There are a few key things to keep in mind when assembling your team. First is your team. You’ll want to play your favorites of course but also consider how compatible your Pokémon are with each other. Second, your Pokémon will need energy to fight, so you’ll also want to keep a supply of energy cards in your deck as well. A tired Pokémon won’t be able to do much in battle! And finally, you’ll need to support your team to keep them fighting fit! For that you’ll also want a selection of Trainer cards, which offer a unique advantage depending on how you use them.

The trainers gather every Sunday to play for fun, but we also have our ongoing Pokémon League for you to test your abilities! Want to know more? The more experienced trainers will be happy to answer all your questions and show you how to battle like a champion! Come on out to Go 4 Games and aim for the top! Are you ready trainers?