Ravnica Alliegance Pre-Release

The struggle in Ravnica continues, as the escalating tension between the guilds continues to build…

Returning once again to our Go 4 Games Tavern, representatives of the 5 guilds who were so rudely left out of the last party have come to crash it. The tavern is now a sorta-functioning Izzet Laboratory (even though they aren’t even in this set) and the free-flowing lighting set a great (if slightly dangerous) atmosphere for the night’s events. Between the orbs of electricity and the roaming steams of lighting, it was a cavalcade of chaos. Even down to the experiments, the Izzet couldn’t help but express their extreme jealousy of the Simic for actually competing in the night’s events and having a chance to show off their creations.

The 5 guilds fighting out this time are Rakdos, Simic, Gruul, Orzhov, and Azorius, and all have brought their best to prove who is superior. This battle took place on January 19th and war was waged with each representative constructing their deck based around the specific guild they’ve aligned with. The lab workers in the Izzet workshop were happy to assist the competitors by leading them to their predetermined base area. This gave the guild reps a space to build their decks with their fellows. To make things better, there was even food provided courtesy of renowned Chef Cristina Quakenbush of the Milkfish restaurant in New Orleans.

Once the decks were done, it was on to the competition! Every guild put there all into the fights and aimed to be the best. In the end, a savage champion from Gruul claimed victory in the first battle, while the second round went to the priest of Orzhov. Every guild gave their absolute all in the fights (Izzet gave the food) and all were ecstatic to play for the prizes.

It was an amazing spectacle to behold and now each of the guilds is ready to compete in the Guild Wars! Missed out? Then check out some of the highlights of the evening! 

“Our fearless Shiba Inu was blinded by science the last time the guilds came and now serves the Firemind”

“The bulletin board was once again filled with all the latest news from the city. Although it seems Azorious brought order to it. “

“The now Izzet-deserting owner made sure all knew of the impending festivities “

“Is it creative or is it careless? With the Izzet you can never tell. But hey, cool lighting bro”

“Izzet even a window?”

“The most volatile items were kept behind glass for all to see but not touch especially if you were Simic”


While the guilds fought the Lab Techs made sure there was no Simic tampering with the food. Can you spot the Slightly Cloudy Traitor?”

“This lovely lab tech was eager to learn the ways of the other guilds. A Dimir spy perhaps?”

“Not even the bathrooms were safe from Izzet’s influence.”

“I’m pretty sure it is just broken”

“Poor Simic they couldn’t get their hands on the items for their own experiments.”

“Ladies and Gents this is the moment you’ve waited for. We give you the Mistress of Rakdos and her Master of Cruelties. She welcomes you to this season’s Freak Show.”

“The Orzhov consulted the wisdom of the church as they prepared for battle”

“The Gruul Leader was ready for battle. Rakdos was ready to play.”

“Will Simic’s mutations be enough to win them the day?”

“The Gruul were surprisingly calm before the rampage”

“The Azorious Lawmakers sit patiently waiting for those troublesome Rakdos to slip up “

“Although they won’t admit it, preparing for a Rakdos party takes some time.”

“When the Izzet try to explain their science to a Gruul savage someone always ends up confused”

“The battle was an exciting one for sure.”

“Of course the Orzhov guild leader (in grey) tried to convert the Simic combiner (in black) “

“A shadow hung over the guilds as they did battle”



"Many came out to fight for their guild. Seating was limited.”


“It is common for users of dark magic to sell their wares at these events.”