War of The Spark Pre-Release

The Planar Bridge has opened, the Eternals have arrived, and the beacon has been lit. Nicol Bolas has invaded Ravnica and he intends to lay waste to all before him…

We’re here at the Go 4 Games Gruul war camp and both sides are preparing for battle. Weapons are strewn across the camp, the walls and tables lined with pelts from the Rubblebelt. Grub was provided by Chef Christina Quakenbush, and she delivered a fine assortment of Philippine cooking. Once the soldiers assembled and where sufficiently fueled they gathered their supplies and began to assemble their forces.

The battle began and raged on into the evening. Each side gave no ground and the soldiers of the Eternal army pushed hard against the Ravnica militia. Many sparks were stolen, and many poor souls were given for the freedom of the city. But the war rages on and Bolas is gathering his strength. Will the Elder Dragon seize the city, or will the coalition of planeswalkers push him back? Find out soon….

"With the threat of Nicol Bolas growing great our fearless Shiba Inu geared up and prepared to fight for Ravnica"

"The clansmen made sure to fly their banner where ever they could"

"The camp was covered with carelessly discarded items"

"With a throwback to M19 Nicol Bolas, the threat of certain doom was felt before one even stepped into camp"

"There was definately no mistaking who's camp you walked into"

"The bulletin board was full of news telling of the war being fought"

"Gruul being Gruul left their trophies laying around camp"

"While simple and barbaric Gruul signets are still revered."

"Gruul makes their shrines in the strangest places"


"Each warrior gained their own spark upon the start of battle"

"Thus the war began and players fought to defend their sparks"

"To help boost morale players were challenged to find all of the poor lost Fblthp"


"Many showed up to defend Ravnica. There wasn't an empty seat in camp."

"Warriors of all ages came out to fight. Is that an enemy spy I see?"

"The battle was intense."

"Congratulations to Christina Murray-McElveen on finding all the lost Fblthp!"  

"Congratulations to our top 3 champions! You fought well soldiers"

"Shout out to Mike Halel for walking away with not one but TWO Tibalt planeswalkers thus earning him his own Tibalt Wanted sign!"


"Congratulations to Trey! Mac did not make fun of his football team"

"Shout out to Heather Wise for all her hard work! Shout out to our one and only Mac for putting all this together!"

" As the fighting came to an end our fearless Shiba Inu gained his spark as well as his little buddy! Stay tuned for his stories from the multiverse! "